Event Management Support Service

Organizers of Figure Skating Events are often faced with the challenge of having to organize and to synchronize multiple people in a structured fashion. Our Event Management Support System is a structured but highly flexible software to be customized for Your special event needs. The program focus lies in inscription and registration, transport, hotel and competition support. We do not sell our software as software only, but we offer an extensive start to end service, for You to benefit the most. Therefore we have divided our support into two parts: The pre event support and the event support phases.

The pre event support starts with the shipment of the EMS software which is licensed to You for this specific event. During this phase we assist You in installing, configuring and operating this software. The software is prepared for multi user usage.
In the second phase our EMS supervisor will support and assist you during the course of the event. This phase starts about one week before the first competition segment is held and ends with the date of the main departures.

1. We will provide the following:
1.1 Pre event phase

1.2 Event phase  2. The Organizer is responsible for:
 2.1 Pre event phase 2.2 Event phase

3. Additional comments
When also the accreditation support offer is ordered likewise, our supervisors will be able to support both services. Thus giving the possibility to have one supervisor located in the hotel and one supervisor located in the venue.