IceCalc Result Service

Basic Result Service
The calculation of results in a figure skating event is the main content of the basic result service, where the marks cannot be transferred electronically to the calculating computer. Not only will the results be calculated and printed, but over 90% of all printouts needed, as the event progresses, will be provided. This includes lists of entries, starting order lists, detailed time tables, judges working sheets, marking cards and chits as well as classification lists and table of marks. The result service does not include copying and distribution.
A person sitting at rink side equipped with computer and laser printer will provide this function. This person needs an assistant to verify the correctness of the data entry. The Program used for this service is the "IceCalc" Software which is a product of Icecalc the company. esides the daily fee the organising committee needs to cover travel, accommodation and meal expenses.

Additional Services
Except for draw support using computer projection all additional services can only be offered as supplement to the basic result service package.

- Information Monitor
To supply the skating community and/or the public with current standings, an information monitor showing the top 20 is available. If needed a monitor, for the announcer can be installed. By default these monitors can be up to 10 m away from the calculating computer.
- Draw Support using Computer Projection
A computer projection of the panel of judges drawn and the starting order as the draw proceeds can be shown for the draw for the qualifying round, the main draw for starting order and the intermediate draws. Optionally the draw for panel of judges can be shown over the projector. The costs can be reduced, if a SVGA projector with 1000 ANSI Lumen can be supplied.

- Publishing of Results on the Internet
IceCalc offers to publish the results on the internet and keep them posted for one year. If the announcement is available it too can be posted in advance of the competition. The general procedure would be to post all changes at the end of each day. Optionally online publishing can be offered if a telephone line is available. Since the telephone costs to connect to the local provider vary greatly they have to be taken care of by the organising committee.

- Diploma Printing
Diploma printing is done in two phases, first the basic layout is printed before the event and then, after each result is final the variable data such as name and rank are printed on the diploma paper. We offer "Elephant Skin 110g A4" or customer supplied paper providing the laser printer can print the sheets. Optionally a signature on paper can be scanned and printed on each diploma.