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IceCalc is the name of a software program that permits the computerized result calculation of figure skating competitions, covering the disciplines Singles, Pairs, Ice Dancing and Synchronized Skating in Levels Juniors, Seniors and others, carried out under the current ISU Regulations.


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The 2020/21 Ski Jumping World Cup Season

The world’s best ski jumpers were back in action on 21 November when the 2020/21 FIS Ski Jumping World Cup season kicked off in Wisla, Poland.

Ski jumping’s governing body the International Ski Federation (FIS) has had a challenging time putting together a calendar for the season given the widespread effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which cut short the previous season.

However, a tentative calendar is in place which includes highlights like the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica in December (postponed from last season), the Four Hills Tournament, the Nordic World Championships in Oberstdorf, and the Raw Air Tournament in Norway.

The Four Hills Tournament

This year’s Four Hills Tournament is one of the major highlights. Taking place between December 28, 2020, and January 6, 2021, at the four traditional venues of Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsbruck, and Bischofshofen, it is an annual magnet for young and old spectators both in front and behind the screen. Four ski jumping hills, two in Germany, two in Austria, make for an outstanding excitement and thrill.

The overall winner from last season Poland’s Dawid Kubacki is ready and back for more glory in the prestigious competition.

Nordic World Championships in Oberstdorf

The most exciting part of the season will take place in Oberstdorf. From February 24 to March 6, 2021 Athletes will compete for medals in single and team competitions. For the first time, women will also be able to hold an individual competition on the large hill.

oberstdorf audi arena

The Raw Air Tournament in Norway

The Raw Air competition in March is another major event besides the Four Hills Tournament. The athletes compete against each other in four single and two team events. The venues for the competition are Oslo, Lillehammer, Trondheim, and Vikersund in Norway. High prize money for the winners makes this tournament especially attractive. In contrast to the Four Hills Tournament, the Raw-Air Tour will also have the ladies at the start.

Winter Sports Season 2020-2021

When COVID hit the world last March resulting in the closure of ski resorts around the world nobody could have imagined the true extent of what was to come. And this coming season of winter sports will also be very different from what we are used to from previous years.

October 17, the starting signal for the winter sports season 2020/21 was given in Sölden. It marked the beginning of a season that will probably look like never before due to the corona pandemic: some competitions will take place without spectators on site. The ski-alpine circus separates events for men and women as well as speed and technical disciplines more rigorously than ever before. In ski jumping, fear of entry bans prevails. Other sports such as short track have already canceled their entire season.

cross country

The International Ski Federation’s (FIS) schedule for the 2020-2021 World Cup season has suffered further disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The women’s ski jumping event in Zaō in Japan has been canceled, while the COVID-19 crisis has forced the snowboard competition in Lake Bannoye in Russia to be postponed.

The news comes a few weeks after the Ski Cross World Cup in Innichen/San Candido in Italy fell victim to the pandemic. So let’s look at some of the most popular sports and their schedules for the coming season.

Cross-Country World Cup 2020-2021

From the end of November until the middle of March, the professional cross-country skiers can expect a full World Cup program. The start for men and women in Ruka, Finland, has already been a tradition for years. The season will end with the final in China. The highlight is the World Championships in Oberstdorf.

The only exception is North America, where there will be no races due to Corona. The start of the season takes place from 27th to 29th November in Ruka, Finland. The last stop is Beijing from March 19 to 21.

therese johaug

The favorites

In the men’s singles, the Russians and Norwegians dominated the last races: Alexander Bolshunov was the 2019/20 overall World Cup winner, followed by sprint specialist Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo, Paal Golberg, Olympic champion Simen Hegstad Krueger and Sjur Roethe, five Norwegians.

In the women’s event, too, the two nations are usually the winners: Therese Johaug, the defending champion, is by far the top favorite again this season. With Heidi Weng and Ingvild Flugstad Oesterberg Norway has other top starters. Russia’s Natalia Nepryaeva, who was third in the World Cup last season, has probably the best chances to break through the Norwegian phalanx. You can see the two Norwegians in the first race of the season underneath. We look forward to watching this competition unfold over the year!

IBU World Cup Biathlon 2020-2021

The schedule is set: Despite the corona epidemic, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) is optimistic about the winter and has published the World Cup calendar for the 2020/2021 season.

Over 70 races await the World Cup athletes in the 2020/2021 season, originally scheduled in eleven World Cup venues, but at the end of September, the IBU decided to make a major change of plan.

The start will be at the end of November with the new opening event at Kontiolahti. The biathletes will stay there for the second World Cup weekend, which should have taken place in Östersund. In the connection, it continues for two weeks to Hochfilzen. The side trip to Le Grand Bornand in France will be canceled, as will the popular mixed event at the football stadium in Schalke.

After Christmas, three very popular World Cup venues – Oberhof, Ruhpolding, and Antholz – would have been on the program in January. But even here there are changes, as the IBU announced in early October. The athletes will stay in Oberhof for two weeks and Ruhpolding will not be visited in order to reduce travel. The decision for Oberhof was also made at the request of the German federation to test some procedures for the 2023 Biathlon World Championships there. The World Cup races in Antholz, Italy, will then be held as planned.

In February 2021, the World Championships in Pokljuka is the big highlight of the season. After that, a side trip to Beijing for the test event of the 2022 Winter Olympics would have been planned. This event has been canceled by the IBU in November, so the athletes will be guests in Nové Město for a two-week period in March at the end of the season, before heading to Oslo for the World Cup final.

IBU schedule change

Alpine Skiing World Cup 2020/2021

80 races will decide who will be celebrating holding one of the crystal globes in the end. Due to COVID-19, there will be some changes in the race calendar this year.  A special season is ahead for the professional skiers in view of the worldwide Corona pandemic. In order to provide the best possible protection for athletes and coaches, to reduce travel activities, and also to minimize costs for teams and organizers, the International Ski Federation (FIS) decided to make extensive calendar adjustments at its autumn meeting.

alpine skiing 2020-2021

The North American tour will be canceled and the races will be made up for at World Cup venues already planned in Europe.

The season opener in Sölden will be moved forward by one week in order to be able to reserve the glacier exclusively for the teams. Many other race dates have also been rescheduled so that men and women, with a few exceptions, will not meet at the venues, and speed and technique competitors will be handled separately as far as possible. This in turn means the elimination of the Alpine Combination, which is only scheduled at the World Championships. Whether spectators will be admitted to the races depends on the regulations in the respective countries and can therefore be quite different.

The highlight of the season will be the World Championships in Cortina d’Ampezzo, which are scheduled from February 7 to 21, 2021. The FIS has rejected the request of the Italian organizers to postpone the World Championships by one year to the Olympic winter 2021/2022. The season finale with the presentation of the crystal trophies will take place in Lenzerheide in mid-March.

Cortina 2021


Despite all the changes and the fact that we will probably see a very different winter sports season than normal, the sportsbooks are ramping up their markets and there are some very good free bet deals out there if you look for them. Some of the athletes have had different training regimes this year, less time with their teams and we have yet to see how this plays out in competition. Either way, the excitement of the various winter sports will be a very welcome break from all the doom and gloom of 2020.


2020–21 FIS Snowboard World Cup

snowboard cross

The 2020–21 FIS Snowboard World Cup is the 27th World Cup season in snowboarding organized by International Ski Federation. The season will start on 12 December 2020 and will conclude on 27 March 2021. Competitions consist of parallel slalom, parallel giant slalom, snowboard cross, halfpipe, slopestyle, and big air. Thirteen Snowboard Park & Pipe competitions (five slopestyle, five halfpipe, three big air) have been or are in the process of being confirmed for the 2020-21 season.

You can find the complete calendar by clicking here

snowboard high air

The 2020-21 snowboarding competition season, however, is already starting off on uneven footing. Normally, the snowboarders would be able to attend summer camps at Woodward and would have arrived in Europe for training prior to the season beginning in New Zealand in August. Some events have already been canceled, and depending on the international situation we could see further changes as the season progresses.

How Does This Season Differ From Previous?

Everything this season is delayed for Covid-19, and for instance, the U.S. Snowboarding team has had to travel to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard bubble in Austria. This is the place where they can join their fellow skiers in training. The European Union has not yet reopened its borders to the U.S. for non-essential travel, but professional athletes who have to travel to FIS World Cups are an exception. And you can not improve your game if you are not training with the best! The American teams are great favorites for the season and their “bubbling-up” and practical isolation to avoid Covid-19 shows just how serious they are about the season.

All the snowboard teams will travel together in bubbles for competitions this winter. American favorite Chris Corning explains: “We all travel together so nobody really leaves each other. We don’t go out to eat and only one person goes to the grocery store, so we try to minimize our contact with anyone outside the bubble even though we’re all traveling.”

Competitive Snowboarding Has Different Events:

  • Alpine: The snowboarder speeds down a hill while navigating a series of gates. The racer with the fastest time wins.
  • Halfpipe: Snowboarders perform tricks on the halfpipe and are judged based on height, difficulty, and other criteria.
  • Giant slalom: Two snowboarders race down a hill while navigating their way through a series of gates.
  • Boardercross: This event combines techniques from snowboarding and motocross biking. Groups of four to six snowboard through a slalom course with various jumps and turns. The first two or three snowboarders to finish the course move on to the next round until there’s one winner.
  • Slopestyle: This event is similar to the halfpipe, with the exception that the stunts are performed on obstacles in the terrain park.


There are also “big-air” competitions like ESPN’s X Games and the World Extreme Snowboarding Championships, in which snowboarders perform more extreme stunts.

Betting On Snowboard Competitions

The market for betting on snowboard is growing with every single season, as more and more international bettors find this exciting sport and realize the possibility for great wins. Always make sure you find a proper, safe and regulated sportsbook to place your bets, using comparison sites is a great way to find the one that suits you best – whether you are a casual bettor or “going pro” with your strategies. We recommend you have more than one betting account and more than one sportsbook in your arsenal so you can always find the best odds for your bets.

A Guide to Winter Sports Betting Online

Winter Sports

The blizzard is here, and the shovels are screeching on the footpaths, indicating the power of winter. The time of the year that people look up to in certain countries, whereas it is quite cursed in some regions. Regardless of the emotion brought about by the season, the sports events hosted during those months are loved by people worldwide. And there is no better way to enjoy the chills of athletic events than by betting on these sports. A wide array of sports are open to betting with plenty of options.

Winter Olympics used to be the event that attracted people the most, pushing all other online betting categories below the winter games. The NHL and NBA are the leagues that collect the highest bet amounts in winter, but many other sports also offer a whole lot of excitement and cash rewards. Apart from the major sports, skiing is also focused during winter betting. Choosing the best sport for you to bet is the crucial step in making money every winter. Let us look at some of the important aspects of betting online on winter sports.

Betting Options

As mentioned earlier, major leagues and sports collect millions of dollars in the season that spans over three to four months. Some other sports such as snowboarding and ski jumping are also drawing a lot of attention lately. Skiing is one great sport to bet on during winter. However, it is snowboarding that takes the crown in terms of entertainment. This extreme sport can be enjoyed both as a great pastime and a betting opportunity. Several sites are offering sports betting options, including skiing and snowboarding. Updated information on the winter events is available on the online gambling websites.


Live Streaming

A number of online bookies are offering winter sports betting options, but choosing the right one for you is crucial. Since a long list of websites would display on the screen, you may find it hard to select the right one. It isn’t about picking the best site on the list. Finding the one available in your region and pertains to all your requirements should be the goal. Once you have found a reliable site for your winter betting, you can start looking for all the winter sports live streaming options on the platform. Besides all these elements of a website, it must have a live streaming feature.

Since almost all betting websites have this option now, it is a crucial aspect of a reputable site. Some of the bookies also allow betting during the progress of the game. With plenty of options being offered these days, the avid gamblers will not find it hard to stumble upon a fairly good betting website having winter sports.

Betting sites are the best options for any bettor planning to wager on the skiing and snowboarding tournaments. These bookmakers offer great offs, high payouts, and a wide range of sports events. You will also have plenty of betting options, meaning you will be able to win money at every juncture of the match.

How To Bet On Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

A wide variety of sports are available as betting options on all the websites. Although soccer, football, tennis, and basketball are the premier sports on the list, winter sports have also been among the top ten for some time now. Ice hockey is one of those sports that have garnered legions of bettors in the past few years. It doesn’t require snow or even winter features to be set up as a tournament because the games are organized within enclosures forming massive stadiums. Ice hockey is a great sport to watch for its exciting elements on the rink and the betting options. Europe and North America are the two main regions where ice hockey is practiced with immense passion. If you are new to ice hockey betting, here are the steps to follow in order to do it right.


Understanding the Team Setup

Learning the working of sports is the first step to understanding the ice hockey bets. Outscoring the opposite team is the object of the sport, like in soccer and basketball. Each team has to score by hitting a goal by going past the goalkeeper. Both teams will contain six players each, of which five are skaters and one goaltender. An ice hockey squad’s typical roster size is 20 players. Since ice hockey involves a lot of physical activity, it requires multiple substitute players during injuries or other emergencies. The five skaters will include three forwards and two defensemen, holding positions both on the right and left. Centre, left-wing, and right-wing are the three forwards positions.

hockey betting

Available Ice Hockey Competitions and Betting Markets

Knowing all the competitions being hosted in a year is as important as learning how to bet. Without any information about the tournaments or individual matches, you can easily miss out on the events. NHL and KHL are the two major ice hockey competitions; the National Hockey League is based in Canada and the US, whereas the Kontinental Hockey League is hosted in Russia, China, Finland, Belarus, Slovakia, Latvia, and Russia. The international IIHF Championships are held every year, and the Winter Olympics every four years, offering the bettors with massive annual betting markets. The NHL and KHL begin in the second half of a year. AHL and SHL are also other prominent ice hockey leagues.

The money line, handicap, total goals, and overtime betting are the various betting options available in the market. Puck line bets are also used in many games these days, and it is also referred to as the spread. With the money line bet, you simply bet on a team likely to win the match. In a handicap, you have to bet according to the handicap weighed by the bookmaker. A winning margin will be set by the bookmaker based on some data, and you can bet on the most likely result. The ‘total goals’ is another betting option, which is a straightforward concept. You can also go with a different number of goals if the match progresses into overtime.

Top 7 Ice Skating Tips For Beginners


Sliding into those skates to hustle through the crowd on the ice might be a dream for many people who love skating. Not many individuals would exist with apathy for skating because it is one skilled activity that involves a whole lot of fun. But most of them balk at the idea of stepping into the shoes because of the unfortunate and funny accidents they have witnessed in the past. To approach the sport with trepidation will most likely end up creating an unending feeling of being tantalized. Low spirits shouldn’t be the fuel you feed yourself when planning to learn skating. Here are a few tips for every ice skating beginner.

1.      Dress for the Glide

The most important factor that some people overlook is the need to wear casual and comfortable clothes. You need to dress appropriately to finish the glide on the rink. If you want to move with ease, you will need to wear what is best for skating. No specific clothing is recommended; your comfort matters the most. However, if you can manage to skate in a festive jumper or comfy trousers, that would be best. Remember to bring a pair of socks to protect your feet from blisters, and gloves to keep you warm.


2.      Look for the Right Size of Skates

Make sure you pick the skate that perfectly fits because a bigger size can twist your ankles, and smaller sizes can result in sore toes. Try a couple of sizes before jumping into the first one and heading over to the rink right away.

3.      Securing Your Skates is Important

The skates must be correctly fastened so that it remains secure and snug throughout the session. You will surely feel more steady and stable on the slippery surface.


4.      Learn it at Your Comfortable Pace

No magic can be expected out of the first skating session; you will need to take your time to learn the tactics and positions. Short marching steps by the boundary of the rink will help you attain the much-needed balance. The first few laps should be completed by holding onto the barrier. Continue doing that until you are confident to glide freely.

5.      Follow the Rules

All rinks will have certain rules that have been devised in order to avoid accidents. Make sure to follow them while on the rink. Look for the posters or display of rules to thoroughly understand them before stepping onto the ice.

6.      Look Forward

Much like in the journey of life, you need to keep your head up and look in the direction you are moving instead of looking down on your feet. Almost all beginners will be tempted to do it, but doing that will put you at more risk.

7.      Do Not Lean Backwards

It is equally important not to lean forward or backward. However, even when you incline your torso forward by a slight degree, you will not lose much balance. On the other hand, if you lean backward, you will lose balance instantly. It is always best to keep your body upright while skating.

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships 2021

Ice Hockey

The 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship was postponed for two weeks. It will now be hosted in Belarus and Latvia from 21 May to 6 June 2021.

The final game will take place at the Minsk-Arena on 6 June. The national team of Belarus will play in Minsk, as well as the teams from Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark and Great Britain.

IIHF World championship 2021

Riga will be the host of Group B: Canada, Finland, USA, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Italy, Kazakhstan. Tickets to one of the most expected sports championships are scheduled to go on sale in September.

The decision to change the dates was taken to adjust to the later start of the leagues in Europe and North America. The 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, which was due to take place in Switzerland in May, was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We will update you as we get more information.

Betting On Winter Sports: A Simple Guide


The range of excitement and level of interest that lies among individuals who follow winter sports is quite impressive. They are always looking forward to the same with the main intention of betting. Yes, that’s right. As the activity also includes a bit of gambling, things tend to get exciting, and everyone is up for the same. But one cannot go ahead without being aware of certain aspects. Hence, to help you out on this front, here’s a simple guide for winter sports betting.

Types of Events

When it comes to events and games, you are left with a unique list of options that include Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Ski Jumping, Cross Country, etc. As each of these events tends to bring in their targeted audience, one should always know where they belong. So your first order of business is to understand these sports and find your level of interest.

While the most common pick is skiing, you are free to make your own judgment based on your interests. Once you’re done with it, you can move ahead to the next step that talks about where to bet.

Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting

As options and various categories are essential for the activity, it will be ideal to begin your game in the online world of sports betting. During major events like Alpine Skiing World Cup and Winter Olympics, online sports bettors are open, and you can carry it all forward. Moreover, since these platforms also provide bonuses and offers, you will be excited to see where things will end.

The Odds

One cannot forget about odds and then think about betting as the aspect is an exclusive part of the process. So to get started on the same, you need to learn about Fractional Odds and Decimal Odds.

  1. Fractional Odds – in simple words, this method points out to the fact that odds are displayed in terms of fractions. Odds displayed in this manner will indicate how much you will win on a bet compared to how much you put. As a result, one needs to evaluate the same and then proceed to think about the rest.
  2. Decimal Odds – this is another straightforward system that will not take a lot of your time. It works in a way that begins by multiplying your stake by the decimal shown and how much you will receive as winnings. Due to that, it is relatively easy to understand and process.



While such aspects of information are bound to get you started, you do require more if you wish to reach the level of advancement. But before doing so, one should learn more about responsible gambling and follow all that it stands to inform.

Essential Rules for Winter Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Winter sports betting has brought out a unique layer of interest that has people gripped and excited to know more. But one can never proceed ahead without being aware of the rules because that is what makes these activities interesting. So if you’re considering betting on the sport, then the following list of rules need to be understood.

1. Group Beating

The rules for group betting are quite simple and closely related to the rest. While it formulates to be the same, things will never get started if all participants don’t take part in the same. Yes, that’s right. As members of the group are registered individuals, they need to take part and cannot push forward another individual in their place. So if it is a group betting strategy that you have in mind, everyone needs to be present for the same.

2. Settling Bets

When it comes to settling bets, you need to know that it all takes place on the International Ski Federation (FIS), the International Skating Union (ISU), and other similar organizations. As a result, only an official body that is deemed to be qualified will be able to authorize bets and make it all count for the best. So once you have placed your bet, you need to look forward to these organizations to understand the next move.

In case disqualifications and appeals are part of the process, you need not worry because it will not affect the bets. Yes, that’s right. Since it is all based on assumptions, things will go as smoothly as possible.

Settling Bets

3. The Winning Margin

If the conditions of an event are changed from what it was organically meant to be, then your bet will be void. It cannot be carried forward legally as things tend to proceed in a different direction. While such events are unlikely, they can happen at varying intervals of time. Due to that, always be cautious about placing bets and deciding the turn of events. Having a backup plan is also a valuable suggestion.

4. Qualification Markets and all that revolves around the same

When markets are offered specifically relating to qualifying stages and rounds, the results that are stated in the official body’s aspects are used. These rankings can further depend on distance, time, and specific other points. So understanding more about the same will be ideal towards settling things for the better.

Winning Margin


While the rules for this procedure can go on and on, you need to start by learning these basic points. So once you have understood the same, you can very well proceed to explore more and figure out how things work. Hence, that sums up our take on the essential rules of winter sports betting.

Essentials Tips to Bet On Skiing


The activity of skiing raises a lot of interest outside the line of action and in the form of gambling. People either want to learn how to bet or want to know how to improve their odds at winning big money. While we cannot satisfy all these parties, we are here to make an honest attempt. So without further ado, here are a few essential tips to bet on skiing.

1. Understanding the Sport

One of the most common tips among the list is to understand the sport and how it functions. Without the basic knowledge of the same, you cannot make bets and move ahead in the process. Although the activity is quite different from the rest, one will not take a lot of time to understand it because it is relatively simple. So without thinking twice, you need to go ahead and start by learning more about the sport and everything that revolves around the same.

Notting down your findings in a book will also be ideal as it might come in handy further down the road.


2. Different Courses

The different routes and courses employed by these events need to be your next line of work as they stand to differentiate. Understanding these differences and how they all take shape will be ideal for achieving a complete idea of the game. Moreover, these categories also define the desired level of outcome and what one needs to achieve the same. Due to that, learning more about it will help you out while making specific bets in the near future. So grab that book of yours and learn about the different courses.

3. Form

Just like any other sport, the form should also be taken into consideration as it points out crucial factors that are required to broaden your thinking about the sport. The different techniques employed by individuals and how they go about making it towards the end are essential pieces of knowledge that will be of great value when you place bets. So always stand a chance to understand their form and how effortlessly they are able to carry forward.


4. Online Betting

While the tips mentioned above point towards the sport, here is one that talks about the platform of betting, yes, that’s right. Understanding more about online betting and the many rules that carry it forward is quite essential if you wish to make it right. But before placing your money, you should also pick the right platform that provides you with options. If things tend to head in a proper direction, you can move ahead and place bets that count the most.

Hence, understand and follow these tips as they give you a general idea about betting on skiing

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