Top 7 Ice Skating Tips For Beginners


Sliding into those skates to hustle through the crowd on the ice might be a dream for many people who love skating. Not many individuals would exist with apathy for skating because it is one skilled activity that involves a whole lot of fun. But most of them balk at the idea of stepping into the shoes because of the unfortunate and funny accidents they have witnessed in the past. To approach the sport with trepidation will most likely end up creating an unending feeling of being tantalized. Low spirits shouldn’t be the fuel you feed yourself when planning to learn skating. Here are a few tips for every ice skating beginner.

1.      Dress for the Glide

The most important factor that some people overlook is the need to wear casual and comfortable clothes. You need to dress appropriately to finish the glide on the rink. If you want to move with ease, you will need to wear what is best for skating. No specific clothing is recommended; your comfort matters the most. However, if you can manage to skate in a festive jumper or comfy trousers, that would be best. Remember to bring a pair of socks to protect your feet from blisters, and gloves to keep you warm.


2.      Look for the Right Size of Skates

Make sure you pick the skate that perfectly fits because a bigger size can twist your ankles, and smaller sizes can result in sore toes. Try a couple of sizes before jumping into the first one and heading over to the rink right away.

3.      Securing Your Skates is Important

The skates must be correctly fastened so that it remains secure and snug throughout the session. You will surely feel more steady and stable on the slippery surface.


4.      Learn it at Your Comfortable Pace

No magic can be expected out of the first skating session; you will need to take your time to learn the tactics and positions. Short marching steps by the boundary of the rink will help you attain the much-needed balance. The first few laps should be completed by holding onto the barrier. Continue doing that until you are confident to glide freely.

5.      Follow the Rules

All rinks will have certain rules that have been devised in order to avoid accidents. Make sure to follow them while on the rink. Look for the posters or display of rules to thoroughly understand them before stepping onto the ice.

6.      Look Forward

Much like in the journey of life, you need to keep your head up and look in the direction you are moving instead of looking down on your feet. Almost all beginners will be tempted to do it, but doing that will put you at more risk.

7.      Do Not Lean Backwards

It is equally important not to lean forward or backward. However, even when you incline your torso forward by a slight degree, you will not lose much balance. On the other hand, if you lean backward, you will lose balance instantly. It is always best to keep your body upright while skating.

Top 7 Ice Skating Tips For Beginners

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